Biomass Boilers offer a carbon-neutral alternative to traditional electricity or Gas heating for your property. With this simple but very effective technology Biomass can be a cost effective solution compared with traditional fossil fuel boilers. Burning logs or wood pellets the boilers only emit the same amount of Carbon Dioxide as the plants and trees growing around us.

Easy integration

Biomass produces high grade heat and can very effectively bolt on to existing heating distribution systems such as radiators. This minimises the initial capital cost as the heating distribution system does not usually have to be upgraded.

Environmentally friendly and cost effective

A graph to show the comparison of CO2 emissions in g/KW (incl. The whole production process) between wood pellet, gas and oil A graph to show the comparison of CO2 emissions in g/KW


(including the whole production process) for different fuels.

A graph to show the comparison of CO2 emissions in g/KW (incl. The whole production process) between wood pellet, gas and oil

(Source: SIR 2007, OkoFEN)


Heating with wood biomass will save a minimum of 30% of running costs compared to oil or LPG systems. Furthermore, with the recent introduction of the RHI the government will also pay for any heat produced via a biomass heating system.


Because biomass is the most environmentally friendly heating solution, the government has placed particular emphasis on incentivising biomass, introducing a significantly higher tariff than other solutions, such as heat pumps. This makes small to medium sized biomass systems incredibly financially beneficial and able to pay for themselves in a relatively short period even when mains gas is available.


Heating with wood biomass is virtually carbon neutral because the same amount of carbon dioxide is released when the wood is burned as is absorbed while the tree is growing. If the wood was not burnt, the carbon dioxide would be released as the dead tree rotted. Even taking into account processing and transportation of the fuel, the carbon dioxide emissions produced by burning biomass are incredibly low compared to other heating technologies.


In addition, making woodland economically viable for use as a fuel source should encourage appropriate harvesting and planting of woodland - helping to boost employment within the forestry industry.


Why Broad Oak?

Broad Oak have the experience to design, supply and install the optimum biomass solution for your project. Over the last six years we have installed systems in projects as diverse as houses, schools, conference centres, golf clubs, hotels and care homes.


Broad Oak installs biomass systems utilising the following types of wood fuel:


Wood Pellet

For small to medium-size systems (up to around 400kW) wood pellets are often the ideal solution, offering the perfect balance between the convenience of a fully-automated system and the financial benefits associated with the fuel. Wood pellets work out approximately 30-40% cheaper than oil or LPG even before any RHI payments are taken into account.

In addition, given our experience in the industry, Broad Oak can put you in touch with a reliable, cost efficient wood pellet supplier able to deliver in your area.


If you have access to free or low-cost wood (and the time and resource to fill the boiler), then a log boiler could be the perfect solution for you. We have installed systems ranging from small domestic up to approximately 100kW for heating businesses.


Wood Chip

Wood chip systems can be a very cost effective heating solution where the heat load is high (we generally wouldn't recommend wood chip heating for systems below around 200kW). Initial project costs can be relatively high due to civil works that are usually necessary but, if the annual heat load is high, then the payback can be very swift once RHI payments are taken into account.

Available supply of the required quantities of the appropriate quality wood chip is the first consideration when contemplating such a system.



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