Renewable Energy

What is "renewable energy"?

We've all heard of solar panels and wind turbines, but renewable energy covers more than that. It is energy from any source that is naturally replenished when used. Often called 'renewables', 'green energy', 'microgeneration' or 'sustainable energy', the main sources of renewable energy for the home are:

  • energy from sunlight
  • heat from the earth, the air or water sources
  • plants grown for fuel (biomass or biofuels)
  • waste
  • the movement of water (known as hydro) and wind.

There are lots of different technologies available – usually used to produce electricity or to generate heat.

It is estimated that renewable energy now accounts for 16% of global energy.

"Talk to the Experts"

Broad Oak can also offer you reliable non nonsense independent advice on renewable energy solutions. When you are seeking advice it's paramount you talk to someone you can trust.

We can discuss with you ways of reducing your energy bills and giving you the best value for money with the latest renewable technologies.

We can also advise you whether your entitled to any government funding with our fully professional friendly service. Our experienced staff will provide you with a complete piece of mind from your initial call to the final installation, we will help you along with every step of the process.


Solar Photovoltaic - (Solar PV)


Solar Thermal

Heat Pumps


"Getting Money Back"

When you generate your own energy, you don't just save money by not having to buy that energy – you can also get paid for the energy you produce.

If you have a renewable electricity generating technology such as solar PV, wind turbine, micro-CHP or micro-hydro then you may be eligible for the UK Government’s Feed-in Tariff (FIT) scheme. Introduced in April 2010, this scheme pays generators a tariff for each unit of electricity generated and an additional tariff for each unit of electricity exported to grid.

For renewable heat, the UK Government will be introducing the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) in 2014.

Until then, if you want to install a renewable heat technology, Renewable Heat Premium Payments (RHPP) are available.


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